Based in Southern California, PAWJ is the creation of designer Julee Merrill. Born from her passion to create a better world for animals while sustaining their right to life, PAWJ provides our customers a way to make a difference. Imagine a world where animals aren’t exploited for their skins! By using only the highest quality synthetics and faux furs available, PAWJ California provides a glimpse into that world.

We take great pride in our quality boot wear. The craftsmanship, cut and construction of our ultra-comfort boot line makes for easy wearing and long lasting durability.

PAWJ California is a family run business that is taking a stand to create a better world. It is our belief that all sentient creatures have the right to life. It is that belief that moves us to create alternative products that avoid the use of animal skins or furs without sacrificing comfort and quality. It is our goal to be the leading developer of environmentally friendly and 100% cruelty free alternative products that enable both our customers and our company to make a difference!